“I used to think that I knew how to workout. I would do my routines, maybe break a sweat, and feel like I had done something. I would take a class here and there, but I felt like most of them just weren’t that challenging and I didn’t get a lot of motivation from the instructor. Then I met Anja, and discovered what it meant to REALLY workout! From her very first spin class (where I thought after 10 minutes that I might need to be shocked back to life) to her group fitness classes to her Inferno program on Dailyburn, Anja brings it every single time and doesn’t stop until you’re literally done. Her energy and positivity provide the perfect balance of motivation without the saccharine and generic shout outs that I see from most instructors. She is tough and always pushes you to your limits in a way that makes you want to beat the crap out of whatever exercise she’s making you do– and when you’re done you feel amazing about it! She always mixes it up from week to week so that I never feel bored and always feel like at the end I’ve left everything I have on the floor. She is truly unique and I am so lucky that I found her. And now with Dailyburn, I can get a power workout from her anytime! If anyone is looking for an amazing fitness teacher and all around human being, look no further! Anja is the best!”

–Raymond Zimmer, M.D., Los Angeles, CA


“I can’t even express how much I love Daily Burn. I’ve been a member for a while and it’s been great to watch the site go through some great changes. I love that they now offer specific programs that fit anyone’s needs-whether you like to dance or you love ending a workout as a heaving, sweaty mess, there’s a workout for you. I happen to fall into the “heaving, sweaty mess” category, which is why I absolutely love Anja’s workouts-especially Inferno. I’m a personal trainer and marathoner, but I still found that Inferno pushed me beyond my limits. It was an added bonus that I lost a couple of inches and felt fitter. What I really like about Anja’s approach is that even though she’s on the other side of the computer screen, you really feel like she’s in your corner and wants you to do better. She’s always there to push you along, but is always fun and positive about it. I’ve recommended Daily Burn to many friends and I’ve only heard positive reports back– keep up the great work Anja!”

–Danielle Wolfe


“I started training with Anja almost exclusively two years ago. In that time I’ve lost 20 lbs and really increased my strength. Anja is attuned to her classes and clients – as soon as my body starts to acclimate she changes it up. There is no such thing as an easy work out with Anja. Besides being a fitness professional, Anja is a registered nurse and has an excellent understanding of not just physiology but overall health and wellness. Train with Anja and you will change your body, your life and your mentality – all for the better!”

–Rebecca Melville


“Anja is the best! She’s tough without being mean and she always keeps workouts varied and interesting to give you a great burn.”

–Ben Bergman