Fitness Equipment

Fitness toys keep workouts interesting, fun and effective. Looking for some suggestions? Here are a few of my favorites:


The Jump Rope

Looking to incorporate a quick, efficient, high calorie burn into your workout? Twenty minutes on that rope and you can burn a few HUNDRED calories. Make it a game, just like when you in and grade school, and get to hoppin’!


This rubber-looking tube with handles will help you score the best body ever! With its focus on functional training, this tool gets your body moving in big ranges, forcing your abs to work overtime and your body to sculpt lean muscles.


Utilizing both sides of this half dome can help you work on strength AND stability. It’s many uses make it one of the most versatile fitness toys out there!

Foam Roller

The dreaded foam roller! Hahaha. We have a love/hate relationship for sure.  The foam roller is a necessity for avid workout peeps. It rolls out muscle tissue and helps maintain healthy mobility along your fitness journey.  It hurts so good.  :)