5 Tips for Maximizing Your Inferno HR Workout

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I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally be able to share Inferno HR with you! If you don’t already know, the “HR” stands for heart rate training. In this series we are getting strategic about how much time we spend in each heart rate zone. This is the FIRST TIME live data has ever been incorporated into an interval heart rate zone workout series. This means you get instant feedback from your Bluetooth heart rate monitor on your screen during each of the Inferno HR workouts. Why focus on heart rate training? It allows us to improve our VO2Max and lactate threshold – improving stamina, energy, and increasing our metabolism so that we continue to burn calories HOURS after our workout! Here are 5 tips to help you get the most out of this awesome new workout series. 


5 Tips for Maximizing Your Inferno HR Workout:


1. Get a Bluetooth heart rate monitor! 

While you can participate in all the Inferno HR exercises without a monitor, the purpose of the program is to train SPECIFIC heart rate zones. That means you need to know where you’re at in order to train the right zones, effect change, and get maximum results from this program. Inferno HR will sync any iOS device with any major Bluetooth low energy heart rate monitor. Don’t know where to purchase one? Check out the DailyBurn Store.


2. Focus on your breath. 

You can help control your heart rate by focusing on your breath. Slower, controlled breathing drops your heart rate. This is especially important when transitioning from Zone 5 to Zone 4. Bringing oxygen into your body will also help those muscles work longer. Trust me, you’re going to start feeling some fatigue in these workouts – you’re going to want all the help you can get!


3. Adapt the exercises. 

Still in Zone 5 when you should be in Zone 4? Don’t be afraid to drop down your weight or scale the exercises. Keep your eye on the prize and focus on your target heart rate zone. This might be a different type of training than you’re used to. Eventually you’ll be able to pick up that weight without compromising the zone.  Heart rate gets priority here.


4. Note how your body feels in each heart rate zone. 

You’re going to get better and better at controlling your heart rate during Inferno HR. Note what tricks (breathing, adaptations, speeds) allow you to transition in and out of zones. Remember them when it comes time for the next workout. This may be different for everybody.


5. Do the mental work. 

Inferno HR requires a significant amount of mental discipline. Maxing out in Zone 5 is HARD WORK and can’t be sustained for very long. You WILL need to push yourself!


I can’t wait to hear your feedback on the new Inferno HR program! Also, a reminder – if you’re participating in my Spring Challenge don’t forget to post your selection to my facebook page this week! (There’s no excuse not to join!!)


Best in Health,



Anja’s Book Club: Spring Reading Challenge

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Spring is a time of renewal and reinvention. So what better time to present you with your next challenge?! Are you ready? I’m excited to announce Anja’s Book Club: Spring Reading Challenge!!! Let’s kick off spring with some reading that inspires our creativity, motivates our day-to-day life, and strengthens our commitment to healthy living.

Here’s how it works: Choose any nonfiction book that inspires you to lead a full and healthy lifestyle. It can be anything that you believe will motivate you on your journey to becoming the best, liveliest version of yourself. This can be anything from a stress-relief guide to a book of inspirational stories – the possibilities here are truly endless! Find what works best for YOU. Post your selected title to my Facebook page or website by March 20th, the first official day of spring! Your mini-review is due on April 20th (Easter Sunday, if you didn’t already know). Come back and post your review to my Facebook page. Let us know how it has inspired you on your journey to healthy living!

I’m so excited to see how the Spring Reading Challenge will impact your lives. I can’t wait to hear from you. Start thinking about your book selections!

Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

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Keeping Your Fitness Resolutions

With a new year come new resolutions. You start with good intentions and idealistic goals. You start strong, telling yourself, “This year is THE year.” Then barely two weeks in, life starts hitting back at you full force. By February 1st, your resolutions have sputtered to a disappointing halt. Sound familiar? Every year you seem to find yourself in the same predicament! And it’s not just you – it’s me too! We all struggle with commitment. Life gets busy and life gets HARD. But what’s our excuse, really?


I have a confession to make. I lead a double life. By day, I’m a fitness trainer. I help people lose weight, build muscle, find strength, boost confidence… But by night, I am a pediatric ICU nurse for Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA. I take care of sick kids–very sick kids. I deal with everything from organ transplants to brain surgery, from traumatic injuries to chronic illnesses… and with it comes the gift of perspective. When I tell you your health is a gift, those aren’t just fluffy words. I really mean it.

I see my kids struggle and suffer on a daily basis. These are kids who want nothing more than to simply get up and walk and play but instead are confined to their beds. Yet in spite of this struggle, in spite of the cards they have been dealt, these kids continue to FIGHT. I kid you not, these little ones are the STRONGEST people I know!

Sure, there are days when I’d rather sit in front of the TV than workout. There are classes where I’m tempted to give far less than my all… but then I go to work and remember how lucky I am that I CAN workout. We can never predict exactly what life is going to throw at us but diabetes, obesity, hypertension, heart disease, etc., etc., are all nasty diseases and things we can combat NOW.

It’s easy to get frustrated. I’m no exception. I’ll have one dessert too many or I’ll get discouraged when I feel like I’m not seeing results fast enough… but then I’ll go into the hospital and see these kids that just never give up. They have their bad days; they cry. But they also fight back. They laugh and they get back up! And so should we! We can get that workout in. We can eat healthy (some dessert included!)  We CAN because with each new day, we are given another chance. We have air in our lungs, our feet on the ground, and 24 new hours to get closer to achieving our goals.

Resolutions are a great way to spur excitement and change, but they are meaningless unless we take the steps to really COMMIT. Stick with it day in and day out. Persevere during the good times AND the bad times. If you are reading this and its summer time, you don’t have to wait until the new year rolls around to make a change. You can start this minute. Don’t merely focus on aesthetics, but on the quality of life you want to live! (And trust me, that feeling sexiness will come too!)

I’m writing this because I don’t want your new year enthusiasm to start winding down now. I want you to realize that this day, this one right now, is a gift. This isn’t just another ordinary day. It’s extraordinary because we are alive to see it! Our health is a gift, and it can be taken away in a second. I’ve seen it firsthand, and it’s heartbreaking. There are people out there that would die to switch places with you! Some would give up everything just to breathe a little easier or to walk with no pain. With that perspective, I want you to go to bed tonight knowing that you gave it your very best. You might not be exactly where you want to be, and THAT’S OK! Remember, you are on a JOURNEY and you are not alone. Let’s do this. Every day. Because we CAN  :-D

- Anja



5 Things I Want You to Do for 2014

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1. Give yourself some credit for your 2013 accomplishments.

Be proud of any challenges you overcame this year. Instead of focusing on areas where you may have fallen short of the mark, acknowledge your hard work. Positive self-talk starts now! Make an effort to listen to your inner dialogue and start eliminating any negative thought patterns that threaten to throw you off track. Negative self-talk undermines your positive goals. Start recognizing and replacing these patterns now and set yourself up for a kick-ass 2014!


2. Take some time to see the big picture.

Dream big!  While losing a few pounds or inches off that waistline can be a great goal it should be fueled by an even bigger idea. 2014 is about more than a few pounds. How do you want to feel this year? Healthy? Energized? Focused? Strong? Spend some time looking at the big picture and THEN start to visualize how these ideas will manifest.


3. Write.

Not only is it super important to write down your goals. You need to map out a solid game plan to reach them. Break them down into monthly, weekly, and daily bites.



4. Visualize.

Use visualization to give your 2014 self an edge up! Create a mental image of your future. Imagine yourself meeting each goal from your long-term resolutions down to your weekly and daily tasks. Make visualization a daily practice this year. Neurons in your brain interpret imagery the same as real-life actions creating new neural pathways that prime your mind and your body to perform in ways consistent with desired goals.



5. Get an accountability buddy.

It won’t be easy climbing that mountain but having a buddy along side you can make a world of difference – someone who can keep you in check, lend a hand when you slip, and cheer you on to the summit! Setting up a reward system with your buddy can also be a great motivator. This might mean a spa day or a new outfit when you reach a monthly goal or milestone along your route to 2015. Get creative!

Anja’s Toolbox – Best Fitness Apps to Amp Up Your Holiday Burn

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Anja’s Toolbox – Best Fitness Apps to Amp Up Your Holiday Burn

It’s my goal for you to enter 2014 looking and feeling your best! That means this season we’re focusing on keeping your fitness toolbox filled with everything you need stay on track. This week we talk tech with 4 must-have mobile fitness apps that are sure to amp up your Holiday burn.
Nike+ for Running

Running apps can help put an extra kick in your step! The Nike+ running app has been around awhile and is still a favorite of mine. The Nike+ running app features GPS, a pace tracker, timer, calorie counter, pedometer, music player, and easy social media integration. With this app you can track your miles, challenge yourself to beat a personal record, and get cheered on my your social media friends. Don’t be afraid to engage in some healthy competition! Nike+ also allows you to integrate your favorite playlists and pick “power songs” for that extra boost you need to get up the hill! My current power tracks – We Own It (Fast and Furious movie)  (2Chainz, Wiz Khalifa), Work B***H (Britney Spears), Greyhoud (Swedish House Mafia), I’m a Machine (David Guetta, Crystal Nicole, Tyrese Gibson).

Interval Training Timer

Interval training has HUGE benefits. Combining high intensity periods of exercise with bouts of rest can help maximize your workout sessions and lead to big results. If you missed my Huffington post article on Interval training check it out here. There are dozens of “interval training” or “tabata” timers on the market ranging from $0-$5.  I’m partial to the any of the ones that allow you to add music to your timer. When you hear the music play — it’s time to work!

DailyBurn Tracker for Nutrition

DailyBurn offers a FREE nutrition tracker for your mobile device! Determine your nutritional goals and track your progress. Willing to spend a few more bucks? For just $3 you can download Meal Snap which allows you to take pictures of the foods you eat. The app magically detects the nutritional breakdown. Amazing, right?!

DailyBurn for Workouts On the Go

If you’re a DailyBurn subscriber there are some great 15 minute workouts available for streaming directly from your mobile device using the DailyBurn mobile app. Not a member? Subscribe to the FREE YouTube channel for some quick fat-burning exercises from yours truly!


Fall Fitness Tips

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Fall Fitness Tips
We’re nearing the end of October and on the express train to the holiday season! Many of you participated in my #FitforFall challenge last month and kick-started some healthy habits to help you finish out the year strong. I just wanted to remind you that these are LIFESTYLE habits intended to extend far beyond our month long event. Whether you were a rock star and kicked ass each week or jumped in late these are great beginnings! Here’s a refresher of what we learned.
  • Hydration is important! It has a dramatic effect on how you feel, how well you exercise, and how much energy you have. Plus hydration is the #1 way to prevent bad breath!
  • STRESS is an epidemic in this nation! Eliminate stressful mornings by going to bed on time, kicking your snooze habit and setting aside a few meaningful minutes for yourself in the morning – try early morning meditation, prayer, stretching or yoga! I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Breakfast is key! You wouldn’t run your car on an empty gas tank and expect it to perform well – same goes for your body. Fuel up in the morning with high performance foods and your body will thank you.
  • Get moving!!! Every minute counts. Hopefully you’ve been maximizing your movement. Keep up the good work and take it to the next level with me on DailyBurn. If you’re already a member stay tuned for some exciting new Inferno workouts headed your way!
Thanks again #FitforFall team!  As always, I’ve been keeping an eye out for perks for my hard working crew. Don’t forget to take advantage of being on Team Anja!
  • A FREE sample box full of goodies from BuluBox, . Just click on month-to-month and enter the promo code Bulugan572 at checkout.
Happy Sweating!


Week 4 Challenge

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Week 4 Challenge

• Hydrate with 64oz+ water daily.

• Add 15 minutes to your morning.

• Eat Breakfast.



Every moment of the day counts! This week we are going to get up and get moving. If you’re already working out 3+ per week. Awesome! Add this to the sedentary part of your day. If you’re not working out at all – we’re going to start to get your body moving.

Challenge Details:

  • (2) 10 min walk during the workday
  • (1) AM Deskercise  – Seated Leg Extensions: Extend legs out, hold at the top for 5 seconds and release, repeat for 15 reps and 3 sets.
  • (1) PM Deskercise – Seated Crunch: While seated, lift knees up and hold 5 seconds at the top, repeat 10 times and 3 sets. Those sneaky lower abs won’t know what hit them.
  • and/or Replace one of the above with a DailyBurn 15 minute workout.


Add some workout toys to the mix! Swap out one of the challenge workouts for a session with these essentials. The goal: KEEP MOVING.

My go-to stash for the workplace:

  • Stability Ball – Swap out your chair for a stability ball. Engage your core the whole day and focus on posture muscles while balancing the ball.
  • Bands for strength training.
  • Jump Rope – Get your cardio fix on your lunch break!
  • Resistance bands for strength training.

Bonus Exercise: Squats! Bonus points if you post your daily squat tally on my facebook page.

Week 3 Challenge

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Week 3 Challenge

• Hydrate with 64oz+ water daily.

• Add 15 minutes to your morning.





Congrats, challengers! We’re ½ way through our #FitforFall Challenge! NOW (before the holiday madness) is the perfect time to start making healthy practices routine. Hopefully this week hydration is starting to become second nature. Maybe you’re still struggling a bit with your morning routine but on the days you made it up in time to stretch, mobilize and/or meditate you felt the difference. You are motivated to keep at it! Tomorrow, it’s time to add one new element to the mix.

If you’re one of those people who skip breakfast, it’s time to start making it a priority. Here are some great breakfast options that are ideal for busy mornings.

Anja’s Power Breakfast Menu:

  • Fritatta Muffins – Make a batch and you have a nutritious grab n’ go breakfast all week! Make this recipe your own by adding your favorite veggies and/or some additional spice!


lean turkey sausage (cooked)

8 egg whites

2 eggs

½ cup chopped spinach

¼ cup chopped peppers

pinch of favorite seasoning(s)


• Pre-heat oven to 350°

• Coat muffin tin with non-stick spray.

• Blend all ingredients together. Distribute into muffin tin.

• Bake 10-15 min.

• Let cool and eat all week!

Other quickie options:

  • Non-fat greek yogurt with fruit & nuts.
  • Quest Bar


  • Plan breakfasts the night before. Always have a back up! Keep a Quest bar or easy alternative in your purse for emergencies.




Week 2 Challenge

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Week 2 Challenge

• Hydrate with 64oz+ water daily.

• Add 15 minutes to your morning.

It’s so easy to hit snooze on that alarm but this week we’re pulling those 15min away for better use – nurse’s orders! Studies reveal that hitting the snooze button can do more harm then good and lead to disrupted sleep patterns leaving you feeling even more tired than before. Plus, we all know what it’s like to feel rushed, groggy, and unprepared for the day. This week we are putting those precious minutes to good use.

Challenge Details:

Get out of bed 15 minutes earlier than you would normally plan to every day this week! If you’re a snoozer that means this week you will be focusing on breaking that pesky snooze button habit. Spend this time stretching, mobilizing, and/or meditating. *This may require you to go to bed 15min earlier.


Still having trouble with the snooze button?

  • Put your alarm clock on the other side of the room.
  • Have a timer on your coffee maker? Set it and see if the smell of coffee can stimulate you out of bed.
  • Try adjusting your wake up time by just a few digits.  Example – set the alarm for 6:13 instead of 6:15.

What to do with your 15 minutes:

  • Stretching
  • Yoga poses
  • Mobility Exercises
  • Meditation – Reflection, Prayer, Set an intention for the day
  • 15min Yoga if you have access to DailyBurn

Week 1 Challenge

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Week 1 Challenge

• Hydrate

This is so, so important! What one of the most common symptoms of not being properly hydrated? You feel fatigued! Sound familiar? When you’re properly hydrated you feel good! It helps your heart pump blood effectively, energizes your muscles, prevents cramping, and expels waste from your body.



Challenge Details:

Give your body some love this week by staying properly hydrated! Use 64oz. (8, 8 oz glasses of water) as a starting baseline. Only H20 counts - SUGARY “ENERGY” DRINKS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR WATER! In fact, if you are drinking these make an active effort to reduce your intake this week or eliminate them all together. Remember that if you’re exercising or spending time in the heat you’re going to need to drink even more water. Spread your water intake throughout the day. You shouldn’t be chugging 32oz of water before bed to meet your quota! Drink up and take note of how you feel. Your urine should be clear to light yellow. If it’s not, then increase your water intake. Keep track of your weekly intake by oz. I’ll be asking for updates throughout the week!


  • Know how many ounces are in your water bottle. If buying a shiny new water bottle will motivate you — then do it! Know exactly how many refills you need and keep sipping throughout the day.
  • Bored? Add some bubbles. Sparkling water counts! Just make sure you read the label and get true sparkling water with no added sodium or sweeteners.